Italian Lakes – Italian Culture and Holidays

Italian culture is celebrated multiple times throughout the calendar year. These celebrations include holidays, festivals, and feasts, many of which are observed in the rest of the world, however some of which are unique to just Italy. Many of these holidays celebrate saints, such as San Giovanni Battista, which takes place on June 24th and celebrates the patron saint of Firenze. San Rosalia (patron saint of Palermo, celebrated July 15th), and San Petronio (patron saint of Blogona, celebrated October 4th) are examples of some holidays unique only to Italy. However San Gennaro, which celebrates the patron saint of Napoli on September 19th is widely celebrated throughout the world. Italy also celebrates Palm Sunday (Domenica delle Palme), Good Friday (Venerdi Santo), Easter, also called Pasqua, as well as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday (Martedi Grasso).Many of these holidays are celebrated with elaborate vacations. The Italian lakes are considered a popular destination for these celebrations because of their unique beauty and the amount of entertainment offered. While some Americans are not familiar with the Italian lakes, many celebrities consider it a popular destination for their holidays and vacations. The popularity of the Italian lakes has grown immensely ever since celebrities have been spotted vacationing in the lakes district regularly.Italian lakes holidays are some of the most relaxing and culture filled. With tons to do, including shopping, hiking, sightseeing, as well as eating and drinking lots of delicious food and wine, who wouldn’t want to celebrate holidays with the Italian lakes as the main destination?Most of the holidays in the Italian Lakes region revolve around food. Anytime you are in Italy, the food is going to be delicious, authentic, and there will be plenty of it. However if you are there during a holiday celebration, there will be feasts upon feasts of amazing dishes, many of which that are prepared specifically for that celebration. Religious holidays, such as Christmas and Easter have special cuisines and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. Another great part of about celebrating holidays in Italy is all the amazing parades and parties held during the celebration. Liberation Day and the Italian National Day are just a few of the holidays in which Italians celebrate their patriotism. Often times there will be parades on boats, such as in Venice, where these parades and celebrations add to the unique culture and variety of Italy. Italian lakes holidays are some of the best kinds of holidays, regardless of whether you are there celebrating a specific holiday or just on a relaxing vacation.

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